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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – 7 steps to heaven and then what… General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – 7 steps to heaven and then what…

Much has been written, interpreted and told, but one question arises as we rapidly approach May 2018; Where in the process of understanding and implementing of GPDR are we?

To clarify and ease the understanding of the GDPR we tend to divide the regulation into 7 principles, each of which seems both reasonable, easily accessible and logical - so it's just getting started.

And slowly the questions begin to pop up;

• What data should I ensure consent to process
• How do I ensure - and/or should I ensure that, data responsible complies with the GDPR and if yes, then how
• Does cloud hosting comply with the regulation
• How do you define a public institution's annual turnover - when they are considered as expenses

Etc. etc. etc.

Moranti Services chose to document, implement and process the company Corporate compliance already 3 years ago. We set the bar high in 3 main areas being; management, technology and legal from the perspective of the individual and with respect of same, whether it is own employees, business partners or their customers and suppliers.

The 3 areas have, and always will be, the focus area when running a professional business acting in accordance with current laws. It sounds easy and so it should be - as it's mainly about changing your perception and behavior.

Attitudes are the easiest to change, it only takes you to make the choice - and that can been made in a heartbeat - which is exactly why it is so difficult


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