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Corporate Governance


Not only do we want to be recognized as a great place to work, we also want Moranti Services to be “best-in-class” in terms of acting with integrity, social responsibility, and commitment to the communities.

We protect and develop our corporate culture and our widely recognized values. For us these are the key components of being a leading service provider.  


Moranti is PCI compliant which means that we comply with the PCI DSS (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and thus skilled to handle credit card information for our clients’ customers.

PCI DSS  is a set of standards defining best security practices, consisting of 12 basic rules divided into 6 categories: 


In recent years, Moranti Services has evolved to be an acknowledged customer care solution provider.

The ever-increasing global demand for transparency and corporate governance requires that we must adapt and relate to the continued changing global business.

Our employees are our most valuable assets. It is therefore crucial that our organizational behavior meets the increasing demands of the global capital markets and corporate standards. Whether it is local policy makers, countries governments, the European Commission, investors or financial institutions, customers or suppliers, employees or consumers. All employees of Moranti Services must comply to our common business principles. 

These principles are defined in our Code of Business Conduct – which is available to all employees of the company.

"Moranti Services want to be recognized as a good place to work and to act with integrity, social responsibility and commitment to everything we do. Moranti Services will maintain a strong and visible culture where we are recognized for our values and principles both now and in the future. We believe these are the key elements of being a global and professional service provider. But most importantly - we are proud of what we do."

Martin Rahbek, CEO


As a professional company we know our responsibility and have defined general trading conditions.


As, Moranti Services A/S processes personal data on behalf of our customers, we have prepared a data processor contract describing what data, Moranti Services A/S processes when performing the various services. The data processing agreement is a separate appendix and an integral part of our contract.