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Moranti Services was founded more than 30 years ago. Throughout the years, we have evolved into a strong technology company, who offer a wide range of different services. Each task requires individual competencies and personal profiles.

We are specially skilled and experienced within the following segments:

Customer Service

Customer service covers a wide range of different tasks. Each area / task requires separate competencies and employee profiles. Something they all do have in common, is their natural attitude of providing the best customer service possible.

We often recruit people with a service background from retail, leisure, travel, staff functions etc.

IT and Tech Support

Our IT and tech supporters all have one mutual quality – their technical flair and ability to support and help people who have technical challenges without losing track. Even their background vary they have one thing in common, their wide interest in IT and tech – which is often also their hobby. 

We often recruit supporters who have experience as a supporter in IT- and tech companies, worked in an IT-department, gamers etc.

Emergency and Damage Control

Emergency and surveillance require some specific personal characteristics to handle these types of tasks. We look for calm people, who has personal impact, empathy, and the ability to stay in control in difficult situations.

We often recruit people who have a background as a firefighter, EMT, soldier or craftsman.

Colllection management
& Financial Services

Collection management cover a variety of different tasks within financial services e.g., collection, invoice inquiries, repayment of insurance, card activation/deactivation etc. It is important that our employees, beyond being trustworthy, credible, with a natural authority, have a financial understanding and interest in cracking numbers.

We often recruit people who have experience from the financial sector, leasing, counselling, tax departments etc.


Back-office covers a wide variety of different tasks, with the one thing in common - all dialog is handled in writing. It’s essential that our back-office team, not only know the different dialog methods and templates, they need to be highly skilled in written communication with an analytic mindset.

We often recruit people who have a background as teacher, journalist or have worked in an administration office etc.

Other inquiries?
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