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Donation to Visitor Service

Moranti Services has a strong corporate culture with a strong awareness of our social responsibility – both towards each other and society.

There is no doubt that everyone has been – and continues to be – affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. But it is especially the elderly and weak who suffer the most. Perhaps, they were already lonely before Covid-19, where the only highlight was the visit from a visit friend.

Thus, the close down of Denmark has also had psychological consequences, not only for those who already had a visiting friend, but for many other elderly people who had an active life before the Covid-19 pandemic.

With winter and Christmas rapidly approaching, it is important both to support the elderly and the volunteers, who have signed up for the visitor service – they are needed.

To support this noble deed Moranti Services has donated DKK 20,000 to a Visitor Service, as a support for the big task they have ahead of them.

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