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The foundation of a company’s competitiveness depends on a well-functioning IT platform. Many companies are reluctant to change IT systems, as the company’s operations are deeply dependent on all IT systems working – without interruptions or downtime. In addition, it can seem like an unmanageable and economically expensive task, as most companies have implemented several different systems over the years.

For Moranti, it was no different when we decided last November to upgrade and change the entire IT platform. A huge task where all 9 systems had to be gathered in one.

The choice fell on Lytzen IT as an IT supplier, which in addition to the entire migration should also take into account that we are open 24/7 – all year round.

The choice fell on the Cisco platform for several different reasons;

  • It has all the functions a professional contact and service center needs
  • It is flexible with several different modules that can be selected and deselected
  • It is both user- and environment-friendly
  • And yes – then it is ranked as the best system in the world by

Gartner –

In the process, we also chose to change hosting partner and implement NAV 2016, which has a direct interface to Cisco.

It has been a learning process and now – here 3 months later – the system is in full operation and has generated more benefits than we immediately expected.

So it’s been worth it all – and to the question. Will I do it again?

– Absolutely, a company can not afford not to if one has to provide a competitive service.

Birgitte Dam Kræmmergaard, CEO

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